About ABA 360

We’re a group of experienced professionals and paraprofessionals with a wide range of expertise in providing autism supports. We’re dedicated to helping young people with autism grow and thrive in the Garden State. Our focus on building our clients’ confidence and capabilities is grounded in a conviction that people with autism make a unique contribution to our families and communities when everyone has the tools they need to participate.



To nurture the spark and uncover the potential in every child we serve.

We’re proud to be an advocate for thousands of kids on the autism spectrum. When they feel isolated or misunderstood, we’re here to make connections and make their voices heard.

We know how tough it can be when your child isn’t communicating, learning, or developing the way you always thought they would. At ABA360, we’re here for you. We’ll nurture their rich inner world and help them enjoy and participate in the world around them.

With our support, you’ll watch your child flourish.
We’ve helped so many families just like yours.
And we can do it for you, too.

Your child deserves
a brighter tomorrow.